Tanuki says, Be a Good Neighbor


タヌキさんは仲よくしようと言っています。喧嘩より、どんなかたちでもいいから、愛情のほうがいいと思います。イラストは天才Luis Mendoさんのです。

Why fight over barren islands? Why dream of racial purity and long-gone patriarchy? Why resist the urge to get to know each other?

Another brilliant tanuki poster from Luis Mendo. In a time of rising conflict between Japan and its closest neighbors, tanuki offers his enormous balls as a physical bridge and shared space for international, inter-species, and multi-sexual dancing and frolicking.

It’s time for truth, reconciliation, and love!

Nodai fall festival

Nodai fall festival

Last weekend was Nodai’s 118th annual fall festival: full of plants for sale, silly costumes, various pageants, ethnic food from world students (Chinese, Brazilian, Korean, Filipino, Mexican, Nepalese and more), and the nationally famous radish dancing.

Nodai fall festival

The main gate was decorated with this amazing live plant wall full of flowers and textures. One of the students from the Zoen (Landscape Architecture Science) department helped install it.

Nodai fall festival

The side entrance was decorated with a faux wood castle gate, a huge dragon mural, and a collage that incorporated daikon radish with pumpkin and Halloween witch.

After the jump, more photos of costumes, pageants, floats, food and more.

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10,000 Blog Page Views

10,000 Blog Page Views

Over this past weekend, the Tokyo Green Space blog surpassed 10,000 page views. Begun in August of 2008, blog traffic has been exponential in the past months, with this current month reaching 3,500 views.

It is a great pleasure that the blog’s themes– the remarkable green spaces of Tokyo and the value of urban ecology– have resonated so widely. The international audience includes ordinary gardeners, researchers, professors, students, urban planners, landscape designers, environmentalists, government and corporate leaders.

I welcome all comments in all languages, including Japanese. ありがとうございます。