The lifeguard also talked about tsunami on loudspeaker



This tsunami evacuation sign on the street combines a super-simple graphic with a lot of detailed information with above sea level data and distance to safe gathering space.

What kind of message is “Do not frighten others” at the beach?


鎌倉と逗子の新しいビーチのルールの中に、「人が怖がることはしない」がありますが、とても曖昧では? 刺青を禁止する新しいルールをすでに破っている人が多いを見て、嬉しかったです。それから、日本で「飲み過ぎる」というコンセプトはあるのでしょうか。

Revised beach rules in Kamakura and Zushi include new signs with absurd rules, including cover tattoos and do not drink too much. I was happy to see the tattoo rule being flaunted, and really, in alcohol-soaked Japan, who is going to define “drink too much”? The “Do not frighten others” is the most ambiguous.

Wildlife in Kamakura

Wildlife in Kamakura, Dragonfly, Hasadera

A day trip to Kamakura to visit a Hitachi environmental strategist turned up many delightful wildlife within Tokyo’s commuter shed. Hasedera Temple has an amazing garden on a steep hillside with views of the ocean. Several types of dragonflies were there, including this amazing red one.

Red dragonfly, Hasedera Temple, Kamakura

Sunning themselves on lotus leaves were turtles.

Turtles, Hasedera Temple, Kamakura

Outside the temple, I was startled to see a swallow’s nest above a convenience store entrance. The young birds seemed unperturbed by people or commerce.

Swallows, convenience store, Kamakura

Equally ubiquitous were hawks, circling, squawking and apparently endangering beach picnics.

Hawk sign, Kamakura

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