Kanda River

I was stunned that a Tokyo taxi driver doesn’t know where the Kanda river crosses a major boulevard



I love this view of the Kanda River, the older low-rise Nishi Shinjuku neighborhood, with the new towers rising in the background. It’s sad that the river is so dis-used that many people probably do not recognize it. Still, at night, I hear ducks quacking far below the street in this concrete channel.

Sakura alongside roads

Nakano Dori is famous for its long rows of cherry trees. My friend who has lived in Nakano for decades explained how the wide street near the station is newer so the trees there are younger. The older trees have much more interesting bark, and at some points the canopies connect across the roadway. I love how the trees show the human care over so many years.

Walking, and perhaps even driving, is so much more fun during sakura time. Its beauty is related to how brief it is.

There is also a beautiful row of mature sakura along the Kanda River, which can be appreciated from inside the Chuo and Sobu trains or viewed from inside the British Council.