Last photo of balcony garden before clearing it out for long building repair



The plants were removed in October, and can’t come back until December. Fortunately, they are being well taken care of. I am looking forward to their return.

How long will this abandoned wood house last?


In front of our apartment building is this picturesque but abandoned wooden house. It’s beautiful, but I don’t think it will be there for long. On the main street, I watched an old liquor store turn into a 7-Eleven convenience store in less than 1 month.

Pink flowers provide pop of color on balcony jungle

日本語で、「pop of color」という表現をどのように言うのでしょうか。このベランダにはたくさんのピンクの花が長い間咲いています。

These dry pink flowers last for weeks and weeks. I forgot the name already, but I like this type of flower that provides a pop of color against the many types of green leaves in the garden.

Rare summer view of Mount Fuji


Summer’s humid haze often blocks views of Mount Fuji. It’s amazing to see the last bits of snow on the volcano.