On a cloudy day, the netting obscures even more



If you look carefully, you can see a worker in the middle of the second highest floor. I also like the contrast between the construction materials, the over-loaded electric pole, and the volunteer palm tree that rises out of the parking lot.

Tanuki Party campaign posters are already appearing everywhere



Spotted yesterday in Tokyo. This new Tanuki Party offers more love, less isolation.

One of my favorite public gardens is in the center of Shinjuku ni-chome


In the center of Shinjuku ni-chome, a man who seems to have lived in the same shop house for many decades has created a narrow garden in the 25 centimeters between sidewalk and street. It occupies his side of the street, and the opposite side of the street, with well over 100 pots all existing in public space that is frequented by patrons of the hundreds if not thousands of small gay bars. It has the largest number of gay bars of any gay neighborhood in any city in the world. I like how the gardener has labeled all his plants, some pots are secured with chains, and some propped up on beer crates.

More baby watermelon on balcony

The watermelon vine has been leafing out like crazy all summer, but only this morning did I notice five tiny watermelons growing on the balcony’s green curtain. This one is the size of a golf ball with fuzzy white hairs growing from the fruit and stem. I am surprised at the success of this vertical, balcony watermelon.