Digital tools for creating network of urban health through remnant parcels

Local Code / Real Estates from Nicholas de Monchaux.

Interesting video by Nicholas de Monchaux, Architecture Professor at the University of California at Berkeley. He uses digital information to identify city-owned “remnant parcels,” and describes their potential to create a network of health and social welfare, an immune system for urban life in the the 21st century. In San Francisco, he identifies 1,500 parcels, the size of Golden Gate park, and visualizes how these spaces could be used as networked green spaces.

Docomo Tower reflecting in office window behind Shinjuku Goen

Within minutes of taking this photo, a monsoon-like rainstorm chased everyone off the street unexpectedly. I was struck by this reflection of the Docomo Tower behind Shinjuku Goen in the semi-transparent windows of this office building.

The Docomo Tower is meant to look like a modern version of the Chrysler Building, but without windows or ornamentation it is stark. Something about the combination of the rows of fluorescent lights, office workers in starched white shirts, enclosed network communications, and the lush urban forest appeals to me.