Ogaswara Maru

Colorful tourists include a few dogs on Ogasawara Maru ship



I love how well dressed Japanese tourists are. Even the dog is wearing a bow.

Unfortunately, on both the outbound and return ship, the weather was too rough for the early morning captain’s tour. We’ll have to go another time to catch the tour.

Matching camera and photographer camo raincoats



These guys were prepared for cold weather, and spent hours monitoring the sea for birds, dolphins, and whales.

Rough seas with no land in sight

It’s a strange feeling to be in the open sea. In my opinion, only 4 or 5 hours were truly difficult out of the 50 hour round trip voyage. Others have different experiences, even on the same boat.

Leaving Tokyo, the view through a gauzy cabin curtain


Leaving the metropolis produces feeling of excitement, and some trepidation about a 25 hour boat trip. At least we were in a 4 person room with a table, chairs bolted to the floor, and bunk beds.