Okinawa morning glory

Perennial Okinawa flowers are brilliant against the grey sky



I love this Okinawa morning glory that I’ve been growing on my balcony for years. Even after a hard trim last fall, it’s back and blooming every morning. The flowers are brilliant against the grey sky.

The green curtain becomes covered with vines quickly



The warm, humid weather has jump-started the green curtain. So far, there’s three types of clematis, Okinawa morning glory, fusenkazura (balloon vine), and a climbing rose.

The morning glory vine is back after last winter’s relocation




We had to move the vigorous Okinawa morning glory last winter during the months of building re-painting. It survived a hard prune and now it’s shooting upwards.

Okinawa morning glory became dominant element of summer balcony garden



When it was blooming prolifically, the Okinawa morning glory became an exterior screen between the apartment and the city outside. The shades of violet, red and blue are stunning.

Our view from the living room includes green curtain and the cityscape


I am surprised that the Okinawa morning glory on our balcony continues to bloom into November. The benefit of having a very small apartment is that you are always close to the window, the garden, and the city around you.