An old danchi housing from the 1950s being replaced with “The Garden Residence”


家の近くで、古い団地が新しいマンションに建て替えられています。Garden Residenceという英語の名前はありふれていると思います。

A large parcel in my neighborhood is being excavated for a new housing project, called “The Garden Residence.” Who doesn’t like gardens, but couldn’t they have come up with a more unique name? I am curious what landscape will be visible to the neighbors.

garden_residence2_nakano garden_residence_newconstruction_nakano

Digital tools for creating network of urban health through remnant parcels

Local Code / Real Estates from Nicholas de Monchaux.

Interesting video by Nicholas de Monchaux, Architecture Professor at the University of California at Berkeley. He uses digital information to identify city-owned “remnant parcels,” and describes their potential to create a network of health and social welfare, an immune system for urban life in the the 21st century. In San Francisco, he identifies 1,500 parcels, the size of Golden Gate park, and visualizes how these spaces could be used as networked green spaces.