Some people prefer full bloom, but I like to watch the petals fall and float off


In a pond at Shinjuku Gyoen.

Another gerber hybrid



Another gerber hybrid. More indoor plant portrait photography.

I’d never before seen a gerber with shredded petals. Another lovely winter flower in Tokyo.

Sakura Beauty: from nature to craft

Sakura season is perhaps my favorite time in Tokyo. After a long cold winter, the beauty of cherry blossoms is stunning. I have been out and about this past week, enjoying hanami, or cherry blossom viewings with friends. In addition to socializing in parks, cherry blossoms also brighten every corner of the city: from the entrances of school yards to a single tree in an otherwise unattractive neighborhood. Going about by foot or by train, it is impossible not to catch a glimpse of mature trees bursting with pink petals.

The sakura theme gets carried over into food items, from Kit Kats to Starbuck drinks. And as if nature is not enough, it is also brought indoors with real branches and even paper crafts, as in this JR station near our apartment.

I’ll be adding many more posts about this season in the next days. . .

A beautiful magnolia grows in a tight space

Walking home last week, first we smelled and then saw this beautiful magnolia tree. In the dark, the petals looked pink, but when I returned the next afternoon I saw they are bright white. This tree is growing at the end of a gravel parking lot in Nakano, in the foot or so of property behind the house. This tight space shows how even the smallest horizontal space can support a substantial tree, with seasonal color and scent. Lovely.