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White echinacea on balcony railing offers subtle garden glamour



I like flowers that are not so showy. This white echinacea draws attention and fits perfectly in a balcony railing mix of potted plants and vines. 

Riverbank community garden in Tsukishima

Riverbank community garden in Tsukijishima

An architect friend tipped me off to a community garden on a riverbank  in Tsukishima. The local government has organized each small section of the concrete retaining wall into individual plots where residents are tending their gardens. It is a great use of dead space, and allows people in a crowded neighborhood to have outdoor plants.

Most of the plots have a simple, double bench structure to hold potted plants. A few have removed the benches and filled the plot with soil. Most are growing flowers, one is dedicated entirely to bonzai.

Riverbank community garden in Tsukijishima

I wonder if more small parks and un-used spaces can be turned into community gardens. The overall effect displays both individuality and community.

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Maximizing floral impact

Maximizing floral impact, spring

This small house on a typical Nakano side street is over-flowing with plant life. The owner is clearly maximizing space with hundreds of potted plants on the top, the inside and the outside of the cinderblock wall. Using every centimeter of space, the effect is dazzling from all angles. And somehow, there is still room for a cat to take a nap on the wall.

Below is a view of the front entrance. It is a floral jungle that shelters the home and delights passers-by.

Maximizing floral impact, spring

Even the steps on the side of the building, leading to an upstairs apartment, have been intensively planted.

Maximizing floral impact, spring