American Anthropologist profiles Tokyo Green Space

百年以上も発行されている人類学の学術誌「アメリカン・アンソロポロジスト」から「東京の小さな緑」についての記事が出ました。 「東京の小さな緑は新しい公共の人類学だ」という言葉をいただきました!

In the American Anthropologist, the one hundred plus year journal of academic anthropology, Professor Robert Rotenberg reviewed Tokyo Green Space as an example of public anthropology. The article came out last fall, but I only recently learned about it. I am very honored to be recognized, and hope that it leads to more discussion about the value of anthropology for public policy and new urbanism.

David Vine, Alaka Wali, and Melissa Checker, the Public Anthropology Review editors, introduce Professor Rotenberg’s review in their introduction:

Next, Robert Rotenberg discusses Jared Braiterman’s Tokyo Green Space blog on “microgardening.” The blog is documenting efforts to use gardening in the smallest and most unusual urban spaces—rooftops, walls, schools—“to support biodiversity in the world’s largest city” (this issue). Of particular interest to environmental and urban anthropologists, not to mention gardeners, Rotenberg’s review describes a blog that combines design anthropology, lush color photography, and the eye and imagination of the flaneur to explore a transforming Tokyo.

The citation is Rotenberg, Robert, Tokyo Green Space, American Anthropologist, volume 112, number 3, pp 463-464, September 2010. You can download a copy here.

2010 in review

今年もよろしくお願いします。下記は、このブログの2010年の統計です。今年ももっと日本語を書きたい。ブログにもつぶやき にも、日本語で喋ろう。

Thank you, readers, for your interest in Tokyo Green Space. I am always interested to know what you think about specific posts or the general direction of the blog. Here’s WordPress’ summary for 2010.

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