My favorite San Francisco sidewalk flowerpot garden



Just down the street from me in San Francisco lives a Swiss landscape designer. His sidewalk garden, and especially this broken pot planted with succulents, is my favorite.

Two succulents in hand-made ceramic add craft to new window bench

小さな二つの多肉植物(エケベリアとセダム)が冬のベランダで元気になりました。最近、窓ぎわの新しいベンチの上に置きました。この陶器の植木鉢は4年前に、義理の両親の工房『手仕事屋 久家』で作りました。

This small succulent pair has grown well all winter long on my balcony. I brought it inside for a few days on our window seat. This is one of the first ceramics I made at my in-laws’ crafts studio, Kuge Crafts. I’m working with them now to create a new website for their studio.

Succulents in rusty recycled cans


I love these succulents hanging on a Shibuya railing. The cans seem recycled, and I love how weathered they look. That these gorgeous plants are facing the street is yet another only-in-Tokyo street beauty.