Mori Building plans ecological zones in Tokyo

Nikkei article about Mori Building’s plan for central Tokyo ecological zones. The idea is that wildlife can spread out from interconnected large green spaces, including existing parks and large-scale developments owned by Mori Building.

The article is in Japanese, and came to my attention because of Twitter’s Tzuchiya, who regularly posts excellent links on urban ecology topics in English and Japanese.

Although less interesting to Mori Building, I am also curious about the role of micro-gardens in habitat creation.

高層ビルの谷間にあるサントリーホールの屋上庭園 | Nikkei

Bug Research and Urban Biodiversity

Via Twitter’s @tzuchiya, I discovered this amazing image and interactive feature in Seed Magazine that explains the toolkit of urban entomologist James Danoff-Burg. The Columbia University professor uses low-tech tools to investigate urban insects, including beetles and invasive ants. One surprising discovery: New York’s urban biodiversity correlates not with plant mass but with garbage.