Tokyo Fruit Layers article, in Italian and English, included in Limno’s 76 Libbre e XVI Soldi


My Tokyo Local Fruits partners Chris Berthelsen and Jessica Mantell and I responded to an open call from Limno, an independent Italian research center that investigates landscapes. They included us in their elegant book 76 Pounds and XVI Coins (76 Libbre e XVI Soldi) that investigates the cultural and natural layers of Venice’s Forte Marghera, built by Austrian and French invaders. Our article on Tokyo Local Fruit ends the book.

Call for participation: public research on stratification, nature, and landscapes

I was delighted to hear from Italian collective Limno, which conducts public research on nature, who informed me about their upcoming issue on “the stratification of floristic, faunal, architectural, landscape elements of a particular place, their overlapping and interaction.”

The open call for “professionals and amateurs” will create material that will be juxtaposed to their study of a Venetian fort.

Please read more about this project and the call for participation. The deadline is April 15.