Break-time and waiting for the next jump


休憩時間に、次のジャンプを待っています。若いので、怖いもの知らずなのでしょうか? 見るだけで充分楽しかったです。

Does youth make these riders more fearless? Pedal Day also featured BMX jumping. It was fun to watch.


Some people prefer full bloom, but I like to watch the petals fall and float off


In a pond at Shinjuku Gyoen.

Watch your head with this cherry tree

There’s a beautiful, recently constructed walkway by the Chidorigafuchi moat, near the Indian Embassy, that is famous for its cherry trees. The trees are gnarly and old, and they bend across and down towards the water. It’s lovely how the walkway places a priority for the trees over the pedestrians, who are warned to watch their heads by this bright and padded yellow-and-black warning.

Outside of cherry blossom viewing in April, the walkway, the moat, and the rental boats are rarely used. It’s a great place to absorb nature in the city.